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This column is by kind permission of Bob Dobson who originally wrote this piece for Acorn Community News

In 1893, a new school was built on Blackburn Road, Accrington. It was paid for by the Corporation with assistance from the government, the county council, local employers and local Co-op societies. It was known as ‘Accrington Technical School ‘and had pupils of both sexes.

In 1921, without any public announcement, the progressive headmaster changed its name to ‘Accrington Grammar School’  In 1939, the female pupils left to go to the new ‘Accrington Girls High School’ at Moorhead.   In 1968, the school left Blackburn Rd for a new one alongside the High School, but in 1975 it ceased to exist when the ‘comprehensive education’ system was adopted throughout the country.

After the Second World War, headmaster Bernard ‘Ben’ Johnson and some former pupils set up the ’Old Accringtonians Association’ . Today itis known as the ‘Accrington Grammar School Old Boys Association’, though there are some ‘old girls’ on its ‘register’, as well as teachers of both sexes.

The Association (AGSOBs) now has 550 members at addresses throughout the world. There is no subscription fee and only a small, percentage attend the annual dinner or occasional other social event. It does serve as a focal point for old boys who like to keep in touch with their school pals .The current president is Geoff Lund, a retired teacher who attended from 1959 to 1966.  At meetings he wears a badge of office - a 1950s prefect’s cap. He told ‘Acorn’ that the Old Boys use their funds on schemes which associate themselves with today’s youngsters of both sexes in the town. “We want to put something back into a system which gave us a good start in life.”

The Membership Secretary , Bob Dobson, would like to hear from Old Boys or any ‘Acorn’ readers who can tell him about any who are not on the register. He can be contacted at his Blackpool home on 01253 886103  or by email :

There are two lads who Bob would specially like to trace:- John Baron Walmsley, who in 1957 lived in Fielding Lane with his parents and sister, and Brian Lynch, who in the 1960s lived in Bold Street with his parents and brother John.



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