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A Ceremony was held at Accrington Library on June 25th 2016 to rededicate the school's memorial to the fallen in The First World War. The picture above shows President, Peter Edmundson (1959), Mayor of Hyndburn Cllr Tim O'Kane, Mayoress, Melanie Storey, AGSOB Secretary, Bob Dobson (1952) and The Reverend David Allan (1944). More pictures below.


The 550-strong Accrington Grammar School Association have pledged themselves to helping the lads and lasses of Hyndburn achieve things in life,  It is their way of 'putting something back' into the educational system from which they benefitted - even though the school ceased to exist 40 years ago.

The Association recently took up the suggestion of their president, Geoff Lund, that they offer to help fund any pupils at Hyndburn's schools who wanted to further their interest in a foreign language. They contacted each of the six local schools about this, and although they were disappointed with the number of responses, recently they presented cheques to three of those pupils who had sent a written application for funding, supported by their teachers.

Mr Lund, a retired teacher of modern languages, attended  St Christopher's C of E 6th Form High School recently and presented cheques to the three  successful applicants - Eilish Dingle, Jack Brady and Andrew Hurst, seen here with Mr Lund. He is wearing the Association's tie, and his 'badge of office' - a prefect's cap. Soon he will step down to become the past president, and then wear a cap worn by all pupils at the school. Failure to wear a cap was against the school's discipline code, and likely to land the offender into detention for an hour at the end of the school day.

The Association's membership secretary is Bob Dobson, who would like to hear from any 'old boys' so as to enrol them onto the 'register'. He can be reached by phone - 01253 886103 or email :


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